May 2013

PURGE- All the Artwork from the Show.

by ncwinters on May 20, 2013

PurgeLOGO_FINALsmallHere’s the full collection of all the PURGE pieces. For those interested in purchasing, all remaining works available can be found in the shop here. Enjoy! [nggallery id=16]


Number 91.

by ncwinters on May 16, 2013

A new entry into 100 Drawings. Man, it’s getting near the end, isn’t it?

So first off, thanks to everyone who helped make PURGE such a smashing success. What started out as an idea to get rid of older unfinished artwork and provide people with affordable originals spiraled into a mountain of work. With half the pieces gone in the first few minutes, it was clear that the idea was well received. Even with all the work completed, there’s still a large stack of work that never made the completion date. PURGE #2 may have to come to life in the future. There are still a few pieces left available for purchase, you can check them out here.

In the meanwhiles, now that the load is lightening up a bit, I can get grinding on the other major projects of the year. One goal is to start working slightly larger and stay even more loose. I started a new series of drawings last night that bode well for this direction. The first is “Kind Razor” done with no pen whatsoever, just inks and a brush. Definitely larger than my usual drawings, clocking in at 10.5″ x 15″! Hope you like it, enjoy!


Kind Razor
Colored acrylic inks on paper. 10.5″ x 15″ (2013)
Number 91 of 100 Drawings.

To purchase this or other available original artwork, please swing by the store.


PURGE! It’s Here!

by ncwinters on May 15, 2013


It’s finally here. After months of work, the entire PURGE collection is ready at last for your viewing and purchasing pleasure.

Direct purchase link to the store is HERE.

PURGE began several months ago when in cleaning out the studio, I stumbled across a few abandoned paintings. Older unfinished works, I had intended to chuck them out, but had the idea to offer them in my online shop. They were snapped up immediately and people clamored for more. That seemed like some kind of sign. PURGE would be the lofty goal of tasking myself to finish as many of these unfinished older pieces as possible and offer them up for purchase at an affordable price.


Flash forward to now, where I look around the studio to sixty small drawings, paintings, experiments, prints, reworked pieces and various other goodies, and PURGE is ready for public consumption. It has been surprisingly enjoyable, as I found myself in a better creative headspace to finish pieces that I had struggled with in the past. All in all, 60 pieces will be available for purchase  my most ambitious release of a single body of work to date. In addition to the numerous painting and drawings, there will be a limited edition print available of “Rebirth of Mia” inspired by the movie Pulp Fiction. The edition size is only fifteen, and I expect they will go fast. The print size is 9″ x 12″, Each print is hand signed and numbered and ships flat.


I hope you enjoy PURGE as much as I enjoyed making it. This entire process was quite the endeavor. There’s been an immense sense of accomplishment in finishing up 60 pieces as well as a strong growth period in the creation of my art. I hope you like what you see. Enjoy!