May 2013

PURGE- First Preview and Show Synopsis

by ncwinters on May 8, 2013

PURGE is coming in less than a week, but you may’ve been asking yourself “what’s it all about?”
PurgeLOGOPURGE began several months ago when I was cleaning out the studio and I came across a couple of old paintings on wood. They were intended for a show that never happened, as the gallery folded before the release date. They were nearly done, but I had never quite finished them to a point where I was happy to release them. Plus, with the abandoned show, they fell by the wayside.

As an experiment, I took a photo and asked the world if anyone would be interested in purchasing these older pieces at a fair rate. Surprisingly, they were snapped up instantly and several voices cried out for more. My first impulse had been to chuck them in the trash, or consign them to the ever growing bins of old unfinished work, but my experiment paid off, and a few people are now the proud owners of a piece of art they enjoy.

That seemed like some kind of sign.

I am constantly drawing. I am always drawing, painting, or making something of one kind or another. Basically, I make and sell art for a living. Many of these works never make it to fruition, but I have embraced the experimentation as part of my creative process. However, the work does tend to stack up. As a fulltime working artist, I constantly struggle with the balance of what to make, how often, pricing and several other conditions that arise from owning one’s own business. In this endeavor, there is a constant push/pull on the balance between experimentation to improve my craft and create new works for purchase. I gave up the distinction long ago between experimental work and “legitimate art” as the latter often got too wrapped up in its own pressure. The 100 Drawings project is an example of taking the creative ball and running with it. My experiments are my art, much as the experiment of living my life is my life. Every new piece is a chance to grow and make something special, just as every new day is a chance to experience something new.

PURGE has arisen as a way to both offer several unique pieces of unfinished or older reworked art as well as clean out the creative clutter both literally as well as figuratively. Every piece that ends up unfinished becomes a reminder of my constant need to focus. The goal of this project is to refocus and assign myself the task of finishing older ideas as well as creatively problem solve the best way to make each piece “work.” Several pieces ultimately did not make the cut, but I am pleased as I approach the end result.

Flash forward to now, where I look around the studio to literally dozens of small drawings, paintings, experiments, old work and various other surprises, and PURGE is nearly ready for public consumption. It has been surprisingly enjoyable, as I find myself in a better creative headspace to finish pieces that I had struggled with in the past. Plus, the knowledge that people could derive enjoyment from the work that may have never seen the light of day is an immense pleasure. Oh, and the money from selling the work is nice too, I’m not leaving that out!

Here is your first major preview of the work, before the full for-purchase release. The works are mostly on paper, but there are a few resined pieces, works on wood, drawings on random scraps of paper and even a couple custom resined craft boxes. For those interested in purchasing, the work will be available sometime in the day next Wednesday, May 15th on my personal webstore. For those wishing for the best opportunity to get the pieces they want, I urge you to subscribe to my newsletter at the side of the page. I will release the exact droptime in the newsletter the day before. If you’re not on the newsletter subscription, the show will still be available the following day, but you may miss the piece you were hoping to get.

I am not taking any preorders for the show. 

I hope you enjoy PURGE as much as I enjoyed making it. This first look is just a sampler of the full body of work available next week. At this exact time, there are currently about 40 pieces available and at least one print release, but that number will most likely increase as I finish off the last few pieces. Enjoy!




RebirthOfMia_PRINT_9x12Rebirth of Mia
Archival giclée print on 100% cotton, print size: 9″ x 12″
Limited edition of 15, each print is hand signed & numbered.



Number 90.

by ncwinters on May 7, 2013

In the midst of all the grinding away for the upcoming PURGE show next week, I do have another 100 Drawings piece for your viewing pleasure.

“Inspiration” was a fun one, and went through quite a few different permutations before the final result. This echoes all the creative exploration I’ve been arms deep in lately, both for PURGE and other upcoming projects. Feels good to really explore different avenues and alternative ways of thinking about what I want to create. The best is when it can just flow, but you’ve also got to do your part to nurture that freedom. This piece is a good example of that going in a way where that happened organically. Hope you dig it! Enjoy.

Acrylic on paper. 7.5″ x 9.5″ (2013)
Number 90 of 100 Drawings.

This piece is sold, but to purchase other available original artwork, please swing by the store.



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Gag Me With a Toon 5!

by ncwinters on May 3, 2013

Super stoked to be part of the lineup for this awesome new show!

Gag Me With a Toon 5 is the fifth anniversary show of the original GMWAT at WWA Gallery and features several amazing artists’ take on cartoon characters. In their own words:

Rewind to the sugar highs of childhood Saturday mornings and “toon” in on May 4th to this year’s Gag Me with a Toon 5 presented by WWA Gallery and curated by artists Steven Daily and Tomi Monstre. This much-loved annual exhibit has artists re-imagining the cartoons of their youth and what results are some totally tubular recreations of iconic characters spanning the 1960s-1990s!

 Throughout previous Gag Me with a Toon events, G.I. Joes, Ninja Turtles, Smurfs, Thundercats, The Jetsons, The Flintstones, Jem, Scooby Doo, The Super Friends and gobs more have starred in artistic interpretations fused with social commentary, pop-culture references, humor, satire and sex appeal.  
 Viewers will be hooked on the zany creations by over 30 Gag Me with a Toon 5 artists.  In the past we’ve seen Wonder Woman and Superman drinking their troubles away, Scooby Doo with a gun to his head, and Smurf orgies: tune in to see this far-out exhibit that cannot be missed!  
 Open to the public, the gallery reception for Gag Me with a Toon 5 is from 7 – 10PM on Saturday, May 4th.  The first 100 attendees opening night will receive a limited edition print. The exhibition will run until June 1st, 2013.

I chose Thundercats as my inspiration, with the iconic transformation of the Sword of Omens, wielded by the leader of the Thundercats: Lion-O. For those whom that made no sense whatsoever, you probably did not watch cartoons in the 80s. For those that understood, this show is for you! The show opens tomorrow night at WWA Gallery in Culver City and promises to be a total blast. For those interested in purchasing, the full show catalog can be found here. See you at the show! Enjoy!

Sight Beyond Sight
Acrylic & liquid acrylic ink on paper, mounted to wood panel and resined.
12″ x 9″ x 1.75″ (2013)