February 2016

Feeling overwhelmed? Is all the information giving you a headache? Is your nutrition and exercise routine the first thing to go when life gets a little bizarre? That is where IDEAS quick tips to maintaining healthy habits during COVID-19 shines.

Shopping, nutrition, and our everyday exercise routines have changed almost overnight thanks to the Coronavirus crisis.

Health and Wellness are broad concepts that can have a direct effect on our quality of life, so it is important we take care of this aspect of our lives. Maintaining productive routines in our current climate can make all the difference, providing a sense of stability and enjoyment. In contrast, if we put our health and wellbeing on the back burner it can damage our health status, mental health and can worsen pre-existing conditions. So, how can you make sure you are looking after yourself during this confusing time? We have put together a few tips and tricks to transform your eating habits and maintain your physical activity, visit https://observer.com/2022/09/nutrisystem-reviews-what-to-know-before-trying-program/.

Essential Food Groups

Making sure you consume a wide array of food from the essential food groups not only keeps variety in your life but allows your body to get all the nutrients it needs every day.

  • Vegetables and legumes. Things like carrots, broccoli, corn, lentils and beans.
  • Fruit. Things like bananas, apples, pears and berries.
  • Grains (high fibre for digestive health). Things like brown rice, wholemeal bread and wholemeal pasta.
  • Protein. Lean meats, poultry, fish, eggs, tofu and nuts.
  • Dairy. Milk, yoghurt, cheese, and dairy-free alternatives (aim for reduced or low fat).

healthy foods

Struggling to get all your groceries as you normally would? Read Grocery shopping during the COVID-19 pandemic for more information. 

The Dietician Association of Australia has provided?Smart Eating Recipes in an easy to read format to bring some variety into your diet. They also recommend cooking a little extra with each meal and freezing it, this may assist you if you are suddenly unable to cook in the future or need a nutritious quick fix without the effort.

As well as including these food groups in your diet, making sure to drink enough water and keep well hydrated throughout the day is just as important. You may find yourself inside a lot more than usual during this pandemic, but this does not mean that your body requires any less hydration. Drinking 2-3 litres a day is best, plus more if you are engaging in vigorous exercise. Water transports nutrients, regulates body temperature, gets rid of toxins, and cushions your joints – so it really is the gold standard of all liquids!

So now that we have our nutrition basics down pat, what do we do when we lack the motivation to get moving? When curling up on the couch for the day seems more enticing than usual? Whatever your situation or mobility, maintaining some sort of exercise routine is possible – even if it is just a quick 5-minute stroll around the block or a trip to the park with your support worker. Getting outside and moving is not only beneficial to your physical health but can also work wonders for your mental health and wellbeing when we are all focused on living in a pandemic as well.

Top Tips To Get Up, Get Moving

Another bird!

If you’ve been following my Instagram page, you’ve noticed I’ve been on an animals kick lately, specifically birds and seahorses. Many other animals in the works, but these couple have occupied my attention as of late. Here’s one of several I’ve been working on, this one of course finished. A different approach on this one, keeping the background loose and not overrendering the entire image. I like the clean look, though it is a departure from my scuffed up edges. A new direction perhaps? Only time will tell.

For now, enjoy “On Crystalline Wing.”


“On Crystalline Wing”
Pen/ink and ink wash on paper.
5.5″ x 7″ (2016)
This drawing is sold, but to purchase other available artwork, please swing by the store.




“In Our Veins”

by ncwinters on February 8, 2016

Celebrity workout habits are not always the best place to look when it comes to figuring out the kind of exercise that’s right for you. (Stars! They’re not really that much like us…)

Models, for instance, are already #blessed with a certain physique (that’s why they’re models, guys), and it’s generally not healthy to compare your beautiful, unique body to theirs. Meanwhile, actors often get caught up in trendy workout fads or have personal trainers on call working out with them for hours a day to get in shape for a role. (We’re guessing you don’t have time for that between meetings.) These are the best phentermine alternatives.

But some superstar celebs actually do show off down-to-earth fitness routines that can inspire you to incorporate more (and more effective) exercise into your life. And now that you can follow their lifting and lunging on Instagram, you can even imagine one as your new workout buddy. Because…why not?

Check out the healthy workout habits of these five inspiring celebs, below, and then use that inspiration to recommit to a solid schedule next week (or to try something new!).

Healthy Celebrity Workout Habits That Inspire

Lea Michele

Michele is truly passionate about healthy eating, fitness, and self-care, starting with an egg-avocado healthy breakfast every morning. And her workouts are all about cross training: She’s a regular at SoulCycle but also loves super fun dance-and-strength training workout Body By Simone and CorePower Yoga, which incorporates strength and core work into a yoga flow.

celebrity workout habits

Jennifer Aniston

I mean, of course Jen knows how to get fit while also staying totally grounded. Aniston has been practicing an athletic form of yoga with teacher Mandy Ingber for years. Yes, she presumably gets VIP sessions we wouldn’t have access to, but she also attends public classes like it’s NBD and also mixes it up with running, spinning, and dance cardio DVDs on her own.

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Alison Brie

Brie is a poster girl for the benefits of heavy lifting for women. She deadlifts well over her own weight and can do multiple sets of ten pull-ups. Um…seriously…that’s an insane number of pull-ups. She got there by lifting lots of heavy weight with trainer Jason Walsh. While you may not be able to afford Walsh, anyone can pick up a barbell and get to work, and Brie also and takes classes at Walsh’s Los Angeles studio, Rise Nation, where you could easily drop in for inspiration (and to even sweat alongside her).

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celebrity workout habits

Kate Hudson

Hudson’s fitness prowess is no secret; she’s got her own activewear line, Fabletics. When it comes to workouts, she loves switching things up regularly. But her go-to is Pilates, which she says challenges and changes her body like no other method.

Gisele Bundchen

The world’s most famous supermodel is no lightweight when it comes to fitness. She throws punches and kicks during Muay Thai sessions and balances out that intensity with Pilates and yoga. She also hits the gym regularly with her husband. Finally, she trains with Jill Payne, the creator of Spiritual Athlete, a method that incorporates mindfulness techniques like deep breathing and visualization into workouts. Payne’s program is available for us mortals online.