PURGE Spring Cleaning Sale – Coming Spring 2018

by ncwinters on January 8, 2018

It’s almost that time again.

Happy New Year! Took some well-needed time off and am refreshed and ready to get back to it, and hard. Lots of new plans for 2018, looking like it will be the busiest year yet. Sorry for any lack of response through email or social media. Not used to actually turning off for awhile, a guy could get used to it….

I’ve been getting quite a few requests for works not available in the shop lately. For all those curious about works no longer available in the shop, something you saw in my feed or just wondering how many small drawings, experiments, and art detritus have been stacking up in the studio, it’s time again for a PURGE. Spring PURGE sale will feature rarities, sold out works, scraps, small works, paintings, drawings, a whole menagerie of stuff. Won’t be selling anything one-on-one direct until then, have an avalanche of work ahead of me right now, but the PURGE is your best shot for some old, new or just odd.

As always- be SURE you’re signed up to the newsletter in the sidebar to get the exact drop time for the sale. There’s been a ton of interest in various pieces, and I’ve just been telling everyone to pick something up at the PURGE sale. If you’re not signed up to the newsletter you won’t know the exact drop time and have to just keep an eye on the storefront. It’s free and I don’t share your email info, it’s just a way to reward those willing to signup for direct access.

More details soon! 


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