February 2021

PURGE Studio Sale 2021!

by ncwinters on February 10, 2021

It’s that time again.

Time for the annual PURGE studio sale, where I ransack the studio looking for rarities, sold out prints, one-offs, originals, and all kinds of other goodies that have accumulated over the years. There’s just absolutely too much stuff to show here, but I’ll shoot to give a sampling below. I will list each item below as I find them so you can see live updates of what will be available, right up to the last minute. But you’ll have to check into the storefront the day of the PURGE to see a full list of absolutely everything available.

Please note that most of what will be available will be artist’s proofs (APs) which are the remainders outside a normal run. Identical in every way to the numbered edition of the run, simply the ends of the run normally used to replace any damaged or misprinted prints. There will also be a fair amount of numbered prints, but to keep everything streamlined, the only option in the store will be for “AP” prints, with some people receiving prints with numbers, and some with the “AP” designation.

Additionally, for many (most) of these items, there will only be a handful available at most, so be ready to add to cart and checkout and then head back into the storefront rather than filling up your cart for one big checkout. I refund shipping on items that can be shipped together (usually prints, and a max of about 3 or 4) so that’s not a problem (just maybe send me an email with a nudge and order numbers). Be advised that if you end up purchasing an original or two as well as prints, those often cannot be shipped together, and will require separate shipping. Basically like items with like.

It all goes up in one massive studio sale in the online shop, which this year will happen Saturday, February 13. As always, to get the exact drop time, you’ll need to be signed up to the newsletter, you can sign up in the sidebar over there.

Sale boiler plate info, PLEASE, PLEASE READ!

This sale is gonna be a big one. There’s more stuff than there’s ever been, and more people going for it than ever before. The amount of emails and messages I’ve received regarding this sale is incredible. (Sorry for those I haven’t responded to!)

That being said, there are definitely not enough rarities and special goods to go around for everyone. For the most part, there will still be strict limits in place of individual items. So, you could get one of each kind of variant of something, but not two of one kind.

I HIGHLY suggest familiarizing yourself with the checkout process and when purchasing, completing purchases of individual items right away rather than filling a cart only to possibly have half the items drop out to someone who checked out faster. (See my note above about refunded and combined shipping.)
Inventory does not update until after checkout, so you’ll have to complete your order in full before guarantee of purchase. Putting an item into your cart does NOT guarantee availability. 

On to the goods!

LIVE PURGE LIST: (Will be edited live as new items get added.)

Primus Lake Champlain: all editions including Bad Acid and Bad Acid foils.
Pixies Chula Vista: all editions including show edition and variant foil.
Grateful Dead Test Prints: four different versions.
Primus Brooklyn Steel: Halloween Original Inks.
Lepidoptera 1, 3, 4, 5 limited quantities of each print. Hand embellished available for Lep 5.
Junior Mycologist prints.
Ironclad SINGLE giclee print.
Herald of Antiquity: regular and hand embellished versions.
You Can Never Go Back: SINGLE giclee print.
Predator: Full color and Black/White/Red editions as well as ONE full color jungle hand embellished.
Moleskine Project I & II books with sketch
Prisma Collective Book with sketch
Desert Watcher prints, orange variant.
Primus Grand Rapids: all versions in limited quantities.
Dave Matthews Band: Gorge Drive-In: all editions with foils.
Queens of the Stone Age Forum: all editions and foils, APs.
Bad Omen: original inks.
Bad Omen: super rare paper stock variants.
311 Day Las Vegas: super rare paper stock variants.
Moment of Magic: super rare paper stock variants.
Serpentine: Original Inks and prints.
“Conjoined” collaborative painting w/ Jason Limon & Jeremiah Ketner: Original painting and giclee prints available.
Dave Matthews Band Gorge at Quincy: all editions available in numbered/ APs.
Hugs sloth prints: both versions available in numbered/ APs.
Nine Inch Nails Orpheum: Lavender Foil APs
Nine Inch Nails Aragon: most versions in limited quantities.
Metallica Buffalo “Beast Under Your Bed”: Some regulars and foils.
Metallica Pittsburgh “Hardwired to Self Destruct”: purple regulars and foils.

A reminder that this is all just a sampling of everything available in the PURGE.
Full available inventory will be available at the drop time in the store.