A New Mario Print, Soon…

by ncwinters on March 4, 2012

Since this is currently making the rounds on the webs, I guess I can let this cat out of the bag.

A print will be made of my new painting “Plumber On the Go” for my upcoming show, this Saturday March 10: Abandoned Menagerie at Gallery1988. There will be a total of 3 new prints available, in addition to a return of an old favorite (I’m not telling!).

The print release will be EXTREMELY limited, so be sure to snap it up quick. As always, subscribe to the newsletter (in the sidebar) for the most info, and go check out G1988‘s website for ordering info. Sorry, not available until the day before the show! And in case you STILL aren’t aware of my Tumblr site, go check it out. It’s where I post works in progress, secret stuff and nonstop art. Go there now!

I’m very excited by the show, and can’t wait to see everyone, and to wrap up this year plus worth of work, my best to date. More soon, stay tuned!


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