A Quintessential Quandary…

by ncwinters on April 4, 2011

No, not actually anything serious, just the new painted custom I’ve just completed.

Yes, I’m finally getting back to some toy painting. This one is for a Russian Nesting Dolls show opening this Saturday, April 9th at Rothick Art Haus in Anaheim California. Full details are in the flyer down below.

I underestimated how much work these things were gonna be, clearly misled by their simple smooth shape. I thought it would be a breeze with a wide open area of space to paint, not to mention the fact that the tallest doll was only about 7 inches tall. Nope, the sheer multiplicity of the dolls combined with how much detail I choose to make was…a lot of work. I worked right up to the last minute (which I hate doing) but got them done. No resin this time, just acrylic on wooden dolls, natch.

UPDATE: Forgot to mention: Yes, that’s actually gold leafing on the base of the largest doll and over the entirety of the smallest doll. Enjoy!

Quintessential Quandary
Acrylic and gold leaf on wooden Russian nesting dolls.
dimensions variable. (2011)



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