Are you crazy…?

by ncwinters on July 16, 2009

…Crazy 4 Cult?

Tonight is the night. Crazy 4 Cult at G1988, starting at 7PM. The line is apparently expected to circumnavigate the globe twice, so get there early. Got an update, apparently Kevin Smith will not be able to attend, which is blowey, but the show should be fantastic anyhow! TONS of great art, and many other Edward Scissorhands interpretations as well. Be sure to check out the artwork of Dan May, Ana Bagayan, Jason Limón, Kelly Vivanco, and a special collaboration between Craola and Amy Sol among many others, as it is always an amazing inspiration and at the same time, frustration to see these amazing artists making it happen. All the pertinent details are on the sweet-ass flyer below. See you there!



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