Jackson Riley

Our little dude…

by ncwinters on October 4, 2010

…one year in review.

So Ginger had this wild hair to compile many of the photos and videos we’ve taken of Jackson’s first year into one video clip. While that sounded fun and exciting, it turned out to be a ton of work. So much for any knowledge I’d retained from the little bit of video editing I did in college. Also, our version of iMovie is… not the best out there. I seem to recall more options when I was doing some video editing in the aforementioned college days over ten years ago. Jesus, ten years. Yowch.


Enjoy this video of Jackson’s first year alive, some of the highlights and special moments, and frankly, what fit best, was in decent focus and made the cut. Happy Birthday, little man, just one month late.

Jackson: One Year and Counting from Ginger @ RambleRamble on Vimeo.