Interview on the “Products of the Mind” Podcast.

by ncwinters on February 1, 2016

My first podcast!


You can listen to my interview on Products of the Mind, a podcast about the intersection of business and creativity, created and hosted by a great friend of mine: David Lizerbram. We talk about a range of subjects, including a bit of my artistic history, my entry into the art world and how I’m slowly trying to phase out of making art exclusively about pop culture. And of course, I ramble on about other stuff I’m interested, such as the mind and how headspace-related topics in conjunction with art. Give it a listen, and if you dig it, please give it a rating in iTunes! As I understand it, it really helps with ratings or somesuch for the show. You can listen direct here.




2015 End of Year Art Recap.

by ncwinters on December 31, 2015

When I lay it all out, it makes it easier to see what I’ve actually made in a year.


2015 felt like another year that was overextended, overbooked, where I didn’t feel like I ever got in a complete groove, and didn’t accomplish what I meant to. Once I see it all together, I am able to better get a sense of what I’ve accomplished. I’m sure there are several works missing, including the approximately 100 or so drawings I did live at San Diego Comic Con and MondoCon. But a rough tally of about 200 completed works doesn’t seem too bad for a year that felt slightly “unproductive.”

There are mixed emotions about what wasn’t done, what’s still in progress, including a massive commission that has taken far too long. Ideas and plans never executed upon and other experiments where I just couldn’t wring out enough time from the day and also attempt to be an even remotely decent husband and father. On top of some family financial issues, 2015 was challenging in several different ways.

My hope is to refocus for 2016, streamline in an attempt to get back to my core: drawing. Fewer shows, fewer over-extensions, and an attempt to get to the lengthy commissions stack. Collaborations are a big goal for 2016, as well as a renewed interest and heavy dive into screenprinting. My goal is to perhaps make fewer works, but up my level of artistic craft. This, and focus on the new 100 drawings project, that I am planning on calling “365 Days of Winters.” We will see what that brings.

Best to everyone for a prosperous and healthy new year, and thank you as always for the incredible support. I love all of you.



Here you go, Internet. This is for you.

by ncwinters on October 30, 2012

I love you.