Cooking up some mad biscuits…

by ncwinters on June 3, 2008

…get ready to salivate.

Spending the last few days cutting, sanding and prepping all new panels for a whole new batch of work. I realized the other day there’s almost no new work left in the studio- everything is out at various group shows! Zoinks! Need to wrap up some projects for sure, but really need to get some new stuff done. I’ll be part of a tight group show coming up in two weeks at Alphacult. I’ll be showing alongside Josh Taylor (who’s headlining), Downtimer, Blinky, Matt Linares, Thom Glick, and Keller. All great artists, and the space is sweet to boot. Shop is in Long Beach and I’ll be there as usual to sign kneecaps and give out sage life advice for free. Get me a drink and I might even talk your ear off the entire evening. Actually, there’s a pretty good chance I’ll do that anyway. As usual, more details later, stay tuned! Also on the radar, I’ll be featured at Cannibal Flower in July. Still not quite sure where, but when I know, you’ll know! I’m backed up on Daily Drawings, I know, here’s a bunch!

*voice of doom*

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