Drawing number four…

by ncwinters on October 27, 2010

…only 96 to go!

So it seems like I just keep adding more projects to work on every week, making my already stretched too thin time that much more skint. A little late, here’s the fourth drawing out of my goal of 100. My plan originally was a couple a week, but now it looks like I should just shoot for one a week. Let’s hear it for lowered expectations! I’d rather keep it to one a week rather than drop the quality, but we’ll see how much time I end up having. As usual, swing by the store for purchase info.

Ink, watercolor and acrylic on heavy watercolor paper. 10.25″ x 7″ (2010)
Number 4 of 100 Drawings.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t swung over to NoodleKnobs yet, swing on over. We’re starting to get into a rhythym with our new alt-parenting site that hopefully offers more than the average “my baby is great, ain’t parenting wonderful?” Mommy and Daddy blog. Enjoy!


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