Flourish/Fauna- Wednesday!

by ncwinters on October 23, 2012

The time is near.

The long slog that has been preparations for the Flourish/Fauna show has finally wrapped up, and the art is almost here for your viewing and purchasing pleasure. But first, what the hell is Flourish/Fauna anyway?

The show began as an attempt to produce a whole new body of work, on my own website, in my own shop, 100% produced and delivered by me. I’ve been a part of several group shows in galleries, and even a solo show here and there, but always under the surveillance of another entity. I’ve had license to do my thing, but there’s always been the pressure and expectation to create a body of work for another space. Flourish/Fauna was my attempt to create an entire collection for myself, for my fans, for the people who want to see what I can create in my own house, as it were. That, and I’ve been hooked on drawing animals lately.

The show will feature thirteen brand new drawing/paintings all done mostly with acrylic inks on paper, mounted to wood, resined and framed. The whole show was also an enjoyable romp with a recent discovery of the awesome medium of acrylic inks. The flourish areas were done with a mix of inks and a bit of white acrylic paint. As I mentioned, I’ve been on an animals kick and can’t seem to stop drawing big cats, birds and wolves. There’s something rather soothing and meditative building up fur and feathers respectively that I’ve been missing in my usual works in the past. The switch to more animal-themed rather than humanoid works has also been an enjoyable growth period to focus on technique, layering and building tones.

In addition to the thirteen original works, eight selected works will be available in a limited edition of 20 giclée prints each. The paper size for all prints is 9″ x 12″, and will feature a rich black background that bleeds right up to the edge. No white border, you’ll get full color right off the edge of the sheet. Each print is hand signed and numbered in a metallic silver.

The whole show will be online available for purchase Wednesday, October 24. For those who want the best chance at acquiring the original of their choice or the earliest numbered print possible, I’ll be releasing a super secret show release time for those signed up for my newsletter. There I’ll also preview the whole show in advance to whet your appetite. Sign up with your email at the right side of the page and you’ll be “in the know.” Membership has its privileges! For any concerned about spam, I never share your email addresses with any third party, and you can easily opt out of the newsletter at any time, hassle-free. For those not subscribed, you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled on Wednesday to get the goods. The preview list will go out around 9PM PST Tuesday, October 23, 2012.

I’m very excited to finally unveil these new works. They’ve been a lot of fun, which can be rare for me. Too many times I get bogged down with deadlines or losing focus on a piece or body of work, and these have been almost nothing but pure joy. Hope you like them too!


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