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by ncwinters on July 20, 2010

…a new store section, just in time for Summer!

So I’ve finally buckled down, gotten my act together and have a shop available for purchasing art online. I’ve stocked it full of newer and older goodies, and as a special promotion, I’m offering 20% off for two weeks to get the ball rolling. Just enter the discount code “noodleknob” I’ll also have a bit of a Twitter contest, where you can retweet one particular tweet for the chance to win a piece of original artwork. Gonna put the whole networking wheels to the grind and see what we can make happen. Follow me on Twitter for all the details.

So for all those so patient enough to contact me directly for art purchases, this takes the hassle out of dealing with me and my untimely responses. You can pay via Paypal directly through the site, which is accessed from the link at the top of the page, or right here, if you’re being lazy. I’m including free shipping on all domestic purchases, because I’m just that kind of guy. I’ll be updating the site at least semi-regularly with some new smaller works available exclusively through the store, as a way to keep me painting and keep art available for an affordable price. Many of my smaller drawings and tiny paintings will end up here, for your purchasing pleasure. Stay tuned!


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