Fridays from home…

by ncwinters on November 21, 2008

…the only way to do Fridays.

Today is a work from home day. Have too many projects to complete in not enough time. One major one is an illustration project way way overdue. The client is amazingly patient which makes me feel that much crummier. The other is the Christmas card design for this year. Last year’s had good response and we’ll be selling them shortly on Etsy once we get our act together and get them on the site. Once this year’s design is finished and printed (very soon), we’ll have them available for your purcahsing pleasure.

Since I’m at home, I won’t be adding to my daily doodling which I do most every day at my contract job. I started out noodling on a scrap of paper with a ballpoint pen, which has now turned into a stack of paper and a small supply store’s worth of pens and highliters. I like the ghettoness of using ballpoint and highliter. Takes a lot of the pressure out of making any kind of “legitimate” drawing, and I just really enjoy the materials. I’ve always had a fine appreciation for ballpoint. It’s like a little oil dispenser right at my fingetips. Great for detailing, blendind and smudging directly with the fingers. I owe you a few drawings. Enjoy.

*voice of doom*

Daily Drawing 11_20_08

Daily Drawing 11_21_08

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