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by ncwinters on October 21, 2009

…not the classic comedy series with Don Adams, but a celebration of the antics of Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier. Let me explain:

For those not in the know, Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier (director/producer duo behind Clerks, Mallrats, Jay & Silent Bob fame) have a podcast available for free on the web. It’s called “SModcast”, cleverly from the combination of Smith and Mosier’s respective last names. Super clever. Up to 95 episodes and counting, it’s a pretty funny and random casual “show” that consists mostly of Smith and Mosier yammering back and forth. They’ve gathered so much content, they are releasing a book: Shootin’ the Sh*t with Kevin Smith (their edit, not mine). As part of the promotion of said book, they’re combining the release with an art show at Gallery 1988 in LA with 25 artists paying homage to the antics in the podcast. SMart: A SMod Art Show. Thus the name: SMart. Get it? Get it?

This is where I come in. I’m honored to be one of the selected artists and will be there at the opening this coming Friday, October 23 with my painting featuring one of the inside jokes from SModcast 15: The Pretty Good Worker. It’s a pretty darkly funny musing from Smith about whether or not Helen Keller was really deaf dumb and blind. This is a good example of the hilarious high-brow content featured in the SModcasts. Go into it with an open mind, and you should be laughing pretty hard. The doors open at 7PM, and the show goes until 11PM. Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier will be there, and the place should be packed! I’ll be in attendance, though it won’t be packed because of me.

Without further adieu, The art: Enjoy!


The Pretty Good Worker
Acrylic on paper, mounted to wood, resined. 11″ x 17″

And here it is with its fancy pants frame:


The Pretty Good Worker
Framed to  25.5″ x 19″


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