Iron Man and an obnoxious family…

by ncwinters on June 28, 2008

…add them together and then complain to the theater- get a free ticket!

First of all, Iron Man. Loved it. It was well done, acted well, funny, amazing on the effects, good story and for a comic book movie, quite exceptional. Plenty of suspension of disbelief, but again, see aforementioned reference to the fact that it’s a movie based on a comic book. Great stuff, and yes I know we’re about 6 months late on the viewing, I’ve been busy.

Have to mention the little shit kid that slipped in just as the movie was starting. We had great seats, and the previews were all dead slient- a good recipe for a good movie experience. No obnoxious kids, no babies, and none of the people who apparently aren’t really there to see the movie, but apparently want to just talk the entire freaking time. No, this “family” slipped in at the buzzer and planted right next to us. Instant red flag: the “Mom” is yelling for a place to sit and the kid is yelling because, well he’s a little bastard. But hey, he’s a kid, that I can forgive. Kids don’t have all their “respect for others” and “don’t be a spaz” wires tightened down yet. That’s what parents are for.

That’s what parents are supposed to be for. Not this group. “Mom” and maybe “Aunt” did no controlling of the kid at all. The kid was cute during the previews- “where’s Iron Man?” the kid adorably shouted at the screen while waving his stuffed Iron Man toy around. Aw, that’s precious or something. Then Iron Man starts, he should be happy and shut up and just LOVE the movie right? Nope, then he gets bored and starts yelling about Spiderman, whining, rolling around on the ground, climbing on the bars (front row) and in general, being a bored, irritable little monster. This is where the parents or the babysitters, or the kidnappers, or whoever is the “responsible” party with this antichrist is supposed to handle this kid. Tell him to be quiet, take him outside, SOMETHING. There was some mild scolding but more in the vein of “hey, knock that off, I’m like, irritated or something” as opposed to “shut your insolent little trap before I tear off your skin and whip you with it”. Short story long, told the theater people outside, more for a “if this happens again, what do we do?” explanation than anything else. They said tell an usher, and gave us two free tickets to boot! Just goes to show what taking the high road will get you. Not as rewarding as say, grabbing the kid, running out and throwing him in the trash can (I still think I could have made it), but with the price of movie tickets, a better solution. And it probably keeps me out of jail.

Sorry about the absence of bloggery and Daily Drawings. I realize I’ve been just far too busy to cram in an additional drawing every day, especially as my time has been occupied with…drawing and painting! I’ve been working on projects for clients that I can’t share over the intertubes, so you’ll have to wait. I think for now the Drawing a Day scenario will have to take a back seat, as I’m far too busy right now…drawing. I know you’ll understand.

Unless you’re bastards. Drawings and art coming soon.

*voice of doom*

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