“Junior Mycologist:” New Painting, with Custom Sculpted Frame.

by ncwinters on February 17, 2014

A new painting, with some hand sculpted framing to boot!

I determined my recently completed small painting: “Junior Mycologist” “needed a little something special in terms of framing. I know many buyers of my art drop serious money on getting the work framed, and I’ve been enjoying experimenting with sculpture lately, so I thought I would combine both ideas. The result is something I’m very excited about: custom, hand-sculpted framing for some upcoming paintings. I take a regular frame and use it as a base to build up a sculptural layer, that makes the frame specific and one-of-a-kind. I then float-mounted the painting along with a custom collaged background, which I then painted. The result is something I’m very pleased with and hope you like too. If there is sufficient interest, I may even do several of these and present them all at once as a sort of mini collection.

The sculptural elements are made with MagicSculpt: a two-part epoxy clay. I really enjoy working with the stuff, especially as you only have a few hours to work with it after you mix it before it becomes rock hard. You have to work fast, or work in layers to get your desired effects. If you’re interested in some of my other sculptural works with the same clay, check out my webstore. In the meantime, enjoy “Junior Mycologist.”


Junior Mycologist
Pen/ink, ink wash & acrylic on paper, mounted to wood panel, resined.
Float-framed in custom hand sculpted frame with hand painted, collaged background.
Original painting: 6″ x 8″, framed: 12″ x 14″ x 3″ (2014)

To purchase this or other available artwork, please swing by the store.

JuniorMycologistoriginal image.

JuniorMycologist_Framed2 JuniorMycologist_Framed1

details views.


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