Maison54 Exquisite Corpse Print Release: “Relic.”

by ncwinters on July 12, 2021

I got a little derailed recently but am now ready to announce available artist prints of my recent collaboration with good friends and fellow artists Jim Mazza and Ben Kwok. We worked together on an exquisite corpse through the Maison54 project produced by Invisible Industries.

The crux of the exquisite corpse: multiple artists are tasked with creating one part of a larger form (often that of a creature), with almost zero information (barely a few lines or so, for reference) received or given about what the other artists have made in their respective sections. A sort of shared liminal creative space is made, three artists working individually around a common theme. All oblivious to what the others are creating (this was one of the hardest parts- to resist looking at what the other guys were doing). Only in the end is the full composite image revealed; new meaning coalescing from abstract fragments.

The sum greater than the individual constituent parts.

In terms of creative direction, we were simply given the word “relic” from which to jump off: each of us interpreting the word according to our own artistic drives. This project forced all of us out of our comfort zone and to give it our all and trust in the final outcome.

Going first, I definitely had the simplest job. I did the top, the other artists working down from there. While I didn’t have to work from a previous section, I still found myself overthinking: trying to anticipate what the others would make and be thoughtful of how my section might transition into another. It can be intimidating in this type of collaboration: there’s often too much pressure and emphasis to create a final cohesive image that effectively “works” in the end.

Both Jim and Ben were given just a tiny sliver of the image above their respective sections so the final image would at least “line up” along the edges. They had the hardest job: to generate from their imagination (hopefully with as few limitations as possible), and hope their section worked well with everyone else’s, with only a few bread crumbs left from the section before to help guide their way. I imagine the other guys might have had a challenge to not overthink their sections, with so little to go on from the previous artist. I know I would!

I’m very happy with our final glorious mutation.

The prints feature a rich poppy red with subtle gold accents and measure 18” x 24” on 100% cotton rag. Hand torn deckled edges finish the sides. Each print is hand signed by all three artists (a special extra that is unique to the artist’s prints only). The print release was part of a private group print subscription with different trios of artists each working on their own exquisite corpse, each with a different theme word. We, the first group of artists, had the word RELIC as we tackled the first print in the series. We each received a stack of twenty artist prints. Of those we each have five prints hand embellished by all three of us. Between the three of us, that’s a total of fifteen hand-embellished prints for those looking for a little extra. I’m the last one to drop mine, so they’re the five remaining hand embellished prints. This is your last chance!

As always, newsletter subscribers get the exact drop time for the release which will be this upcoming Wednesday, July 14. You can sign up for the newsletter in the sidebar of this site for the exact drop time.

Thank you, and on to the prints!

Maison54 Series One: “Relic”
Collaborative Exquisite Corpse Print by N.C. Winters (top), Jim Mazza (middle) and Ben Kwok (bottom)
Print size: 18? x 24? limited edition of 20 (only 15 available).

Two color screenprint on Coventry Rag 100% Cotton Heavyweight paper.
Edges hand-torn for a unique deckled edge.
Printed by InHouse Press.
Produced by Invisible Industries.

Each print is hand signed & numbered by all three artists. $300 each.
To purchase this or other available artwork, please swing by the store.

Maison54 Series One: “Relic” Hand Embellished Version
Each print uniquely hand embellished with inks and acrylics by all three artists. No two exactly alike.
Only 5 available, STRICT LIMIT of one Hand Embellished print per buyer/household.
Each print is hand signed & numbered by all three artists. $600 each.
To purchase this or other available artwork, please swing by the store.

detail views.


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