New Drawing: “On Crystalline Wing” for Day 55 of 366 Days of Winters.

by ncwinters on February 24, 2016

Another bird!

If you’ve been following my Instagram page, you’ve noticed I’ve been on an animals kick lately, specifically birds and seahorses. Many other animals in the works, but these couple have occupied my attention as of late. Here’s one of several I’ve been working on, this one of course finished. A different approach on this one, keeping the background loose and not overrendering the entire image. I like the clean look, though it is a departure from my scuffed up edges. A new direction perhaps? Only time will tell.

For now, enjoy “On Crystalline Wing.”


“On Crystalline Wing”
Pen/ink and ink wash on paper.
5.5″ x 7″ (2016)
This drawing is sold, but to purchase other available artwork, please swing by the store.