Number 51.

by ncwinters on April 26, 2012

Sorry, this one’s already sold!

Been experimenting like crazy in the studio lately. Exhibit A: They Called Him BAM! Acrylic, gold leaf, all over a small piece of birch which has been collaged with comic book pages. Been in a super exploratative zone this year, and this is the newest stage in that vein. I have discovered that birds are too much fun to draw, and as such, it didn’t take long at all (plus it’s itty bitty). Expect to see more of these soon! And yes, someone contacted me after posting a sneak peek of this on my Facebook page and requested it in advance. Apologies if you had your eye on it, but as they say: The early bird…

They Called Him BAM!
Acrylic and gold leaf on collaged panel. 4″ x 5.25″ (2012)
Number 51 of 100 Drawings.

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