Number 64.

by ncwinters on August 22, 2012

I know it’s been awhile, but here’s a new one for your 100 Drawings enjoyment.

This was commissioned on the back of the previous Avion Three, and as you can see, compliments the other I think, quite nicely. I’ve been grinding away on several projects, but hope to have more artstuffs soon for your ocular pleasure. A reminder, I post works in process in serveral places, including my Instagram account (@ncwintersart), on Tumblr, on Twitter and Facebook as well. Instagram may be your best bet, as it makes sharing works in progress the easiest. Enjoy!

Avion Two
Acrylic on paper. 8″ x 10″ (2012)
Number 64 of 100 Drawings.

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Here’s a side by side shot of both. A nice set, you think?


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