Number Eight is here…

by ncwinters on December 8, 2010

…at long last!

Man, I start something up and I make it a few weeks, TOPS with any kind of consistency. The eighth “drawing” of 100 Drawings is done, which points to part of the problem. See, these were originally supposed to be ink drawings, sketches, maybe a bit of watercolor or what have you, and instead they’ve turned into full fledged little paintings. Here I am trying to convince myself I’m a drawer and not a painter, and invariably I’m right back on the horse. I’m not really complaining mind you, I’m happy with how they’re turning out, and damn my perfectionism to not just stop early.

But I’m getting better.

Should be a slew of “drawings” coming up soon. For sure in the New Year, I’ll be better about posting. You can bookmark this page for when I eat my words later. Oh, and some people have been asking- the 100 Drawings drawings that are no longer in the shop are sold. They’re going quick, so snatch ’em up fast! You can see all the drawings here, even if they get bumped out of the shop. I had a lot of fun with this one. Another great example of a drawing that gets done much quicker when it’s done in just two sittings. I’m finding that if I start a new drawing and then stop to work on a new drawing, it’s rare to come back to the original project with any kind of timeliness. Better to just grind through and get it done! This one was started on a Monday night and finished Tuesday evening. Enjoy!

Sea Socket
Ink and acrylic on paper. 6″ x 9″ (2010)
Number 8 of 100 Drawings.


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