Official ALIEN Poster Release Through Mondo Gallery

by ncwinters on April 18, 2017

A dream project, that I’m finally able to share.

I’m thrilled to announce my officially licensed “Alien” print now available through Mondo and 20th Century Fox. The good guys at Mondo reached out with a dream project for my first officially licensed movie poster. In the words of Mondo:

“H.R. Giger’s iconic design for the Xenomorph is just about perfect. It’s instantly identifiable, timeless and terrifying. N.C. Winters has paid wonderful tribute to Giger’s brilliant design in his poster for ALIEN. N.C.’s rendering and careful attention to detail across the Xeno design is stunning. This poster will be on sale as an extended timed edition release, available starting now and running through May 19th when ALIEN: COVENANT is released in theaters.”

The poster came together unbelievably well, and is one of the top pieces of work I’ve ever created. I had a strong intent to run with Giger’s original artistic design and tried to stay as true it as possible, and Mondo and Fox were both happy to support this vision. The main colorway is an open timed edition, and will end right at the release of ALIEN:COVENANT, but the variant edition is expected to sell out soon, so jump on it!  (ALREADY SOLD OUT!)

Without further delay, the print:

“ALIEN” Officially Licensed Screenprint Poster (regular open timed edition)
Print size: 24″ x 36″ timed edition print
Final edition size limited to number sold between April 19 and May 19, 2017

Six-colors on bright white stock. $50 each.
Regular edition available through Mondo Tees here.

“ALIEN” Officially Licensed Screenprint Poster (variant limited edition)
Print size: 24″ x 36″ limited edition of 175
One color on bright white stock. $60 each.
Sold out.

detail views.


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