Prepping panels like a fiend…

by ncwinters on June 5, 2008

…the studio floor looks like a million empty speech bubbles.

Which is a good metaphor for not a lot to say. That is, not yet. Still prepping, sanding gessoing and sanding some more. About 16 panels in progress, and then I need to actually paint them up. Focusing for now on the charity show at Distinction. 57 amazing artists, and trying to get my piece done for the Juxtapoz ad. Nothing like some publicity to brighten up your day. Piece is looking sweet, but between the deadline next Friday and leaving for a wedding this weekend, it’ll be a matter of squeezing everything in. Oy.

I owe you two Daily Drawings. I’m including a recent painting to show you what I’ve been up to. Not everything is about drawing every day. Now that I’m at home for the next two months, the drawings may even slow down for all the painting that’s getting done. Here’s what some of that looks like. More soon.

*voice of doom*

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