Some art for my birthday…

by ncwinters on January 22, 2009

…more a gift for you, but who’s counting?

Yes, finally getting these on teh interwebs. This is the end result of some Daily Drawings. Originally doodles on paper with ballpoint and marker. The drawings are then fixed, cropped down, have their corners chopped off and then mounted to wood panels. The wood is just scrap from Home Depot, rounded, sanded and prepped for mounting. The whole shebang is then resined and good to go. They seem to sell pretty well, at $50 a pop and are a fun process for me. I really want to do a whole show at some point with hundreds of little drawing panels. They end up with the appearance of tiles, a la mahjong or dominoes. The resin does a great job of putting an even coating of thick shine and make them fun to look at, if that makes any sense. Enjoy!




Long Way From Home


Shrouded In Secrecy

The Judgement

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