Such a great weekend…

by ncwinters on May 27, 2008

…so nice to enjoy some time off and be with my beautiful wife.

Ginger and I had a great long weekend/anniversary. While our goal was to take a trip to Italy for this anniversary, it was again postponed to another year due to time, money and the economy. Had a great time in Venice though. The show went well, thanks to Matt, Michelle and Marcos for each purchasing a piece of artwork. I hope to have pics up soon of the pieces. Met some great people, bought a few pieces of art from one of our new favorite artist: Chrystal Chan. Met with many other great artists. It’s so cool to meet other people doing similar things with their artwork, yet so different at the same time. It’s frustrating how young they are but in a good way, and I wish nothing but the best of success to them. They have motivated me to go after a few more galleries however, and I will be pushing for more exposure in a few new places in the near future.

It was great to just relax this weekend and spend some time just enjoying life instead of running around like a crazy person. The goal is to learn from the experience and incorporate the calmness every now and then into the stressful workload. June will be spent finishing up backed up projects and painting a whole new set of work. I can’t wait. A few Daily Drawings from the weekend.

*voice of doom*

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