100 Drawings

Number 83 and Upcoming Show Info.

by ncwinters on February 6, 2013

Another one for 100 Drawings, and a new (old?) collection of emerging work.

I’m in the process of working on several things at once (what else is new?). Many of them I can’t reveal yet, but one thing I can is that I’m working on an upcoming solo show through my website with a tentative title of Purge. Purge will be a collection of older, abandoned leftover works that have accumulated in the studio over the last howeverlong. I’ll be tightening them up slightly and offering them up for purchase a little later this year. Tentatively I’m thinking of April, but that’s subject to change at any time. So far it’s looking like about 15-25 pieces, but that number may climb as I get into it. It’s been a lot of fun, and helps me push old work out and force me to finish up some pieces that had promise but were subject to my lack of discipline and focus. And of course, some failures will end up in the trash, as they’re truly unsalvageable. There’s already been good response from my teaser photo on Instagram, here’s a shot of that mess:

Stay tuned for more details, but in the meantimes, here’s the new 100 Drawing: “Offworld Offering.” Enjoy!

Offworld Offering
Pen, acrylic and liquid acrylic ink on paper, varnished. 7″ x 11″ (2013)
Number 83 of 100 Drawings.

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Number 70 and some Show Info.

by ncwinters on October 4, 2012

Here’s another new one for 100 Drawings.

I realize the last few have jumped up in price range, but the reason is twofold: The “drawings” have become more intricate and I’ve had to respond to increased demand. I’ll get back to some lower priced options for the shop, once the next few weeks calm down. Lots of stuff in the works, including my new collection Flourish / Fauna: an online show of all new animal paintings and prints:

More on that soon. For now, enjoy “Bloom,” done in a new style that I will be revisiting and exploring in more depth in the near future.

Acrylic ink on paper, varnished. 7.625″ x 14.5″ (2012)
Number 70 of 100 Drawings.

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Number 43.

by ncwinters on October 28, 2011

Here’s another 100 Drawings for you, so close to getting halfway done!

When I first started the 100 Drawings project just over a year ago, I thought it would be an easy and fun exercise to keep myself drawing and painting. Little did I know I’d soon be grinding away on a big solo show that would take up almost all of my free time to work. So, this simple undertaking seems to have fallen into a bit of disrepair. Drawings are started and then abandoend to the pile. On top of that, with all of the acrylic painting work, drawing seems to be pushed aside for painting, which only makes the drawings take longer. Lately, I’ve been able to work on several paintings/drawings at once, and more of these seem to be nearing completion.

Enough excuses, here’s the next one for your viewing and purchasing pleasure. Enjoy!

Ink and Acrylic on paper. 13.125″ x 10.75″ (2011)
Number 43 of 100 Drawings.

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