“Urgent Need” for Giving Tuesday.

by ncwinters on November 27, 2018

It’s #givingtuesday and my wife reminded me that my donation to the ACLU foundation is due, so I I thought I’d mention this print again.

“Urgent Need” was created a few years ago with the banner text that reads “An Urgent Need for a Renewed Sense of Compassion.” I feel that there’s an increasing amount of hostility, xenophobia and general unawareness both in the political landscape and in online and social media interactions in general. It’s increasingly easier to stay in a bubble of like minded people who all share the same viewpoint, and more isolated to different points of view, cultures and ways of being. A reminder to focus on a greater sense of compassion and human awareness is my goal for this image, traits which ultimately end up reminding us just how actually similar we all are on a human scale on the ride atop this hunk of rock in space.

Originally my goal was to donate 20% of the proceeds of all sales of this print to the ACLU Foundation, but after a successful year, I’m in a better financial place to up the donation to 30%. The print is a five-color silkscreen print, printed by Danny Askar and measures 16” x 20.” The edition size is 300 prints, each hand signed and numbered and available for $40 plus shipping. With about 70 prints left before they’re gone, I’d love to see this print sold out before this year is over, so I can make the final donation and get going on to another charity print for 2019.

If you’ve ever wanted to support what I do and believe in, this is the print. It’s not a big, super rare gig poster or super limited edition movie poster, but it is for a cause I believe in. Thanks for looking and for all the generosity you’ve already given this year, and happy holidays to all! 

Full purchase info and details available below. Thank you!

“Urgent Need” limited edition screenprint
Print size: 16″ x 20″ Limited edition of 300.
About 70 left available.

Five-color hand-pulled screenprint on Madero Beach speckletone 100# cover stock.
Each print is hand signed & numbered. $40 each.
30% of profits from sales will be donated to the ACLU
Prints are available now in the online store.

what a difference a couple years makes!


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“Urgent Need” New Print Release With ACLU Donation

by ncwinters on February 11, 2017

I’m very excited to finally be able to release this print.


Since the recent presidential election, I’ve struggled with finding the best way to express myself regarding the heightened sense of hostile rhetoric in our current political and social climate. I had originally planned a new print in response, based around some darker, angrier imagery. I was hoping to voice my frustration through art, something I don’t always do, as I try to keep political views out of my works for the general public. This was the time however, to make my voice heard.

Very quickly though, I realized the best way I could contribute to the conversation, and the best way to keep my head free from constant anger and resentment was to focus on compassion and inclusion. So I scrapped some of the original designs and instead focused on a new message of hope and compassion. The result is “Urgent Need” which combines imagery of rebirth in the allegory of the Phoenix, combined with unique imagery with an emphasis on compassion for the beauty of ALL life, however different from one’s own.


As part of this special release, I’m proud to be donating 20% of all profits of the sale directly to the ACLU. While I wish it could be a greater percentage, this is an experiment to see if this print and message will find resonance with buyers who are of like mind. If the sale does well, I plan on future prints with a similar theme where I can hopefully donate a much larger percentage to the ACLU and other important organizations. Together, hopefully we can all work together to make a difference through art.

UrgentNeed_SigningDetail_600Prints are 16″ x 20″ on Madero Beach 100lb speckletone paper, expertly printed by Daniel Askar at Static Medium Printing. Each print is hand signed and numbered and will never be reprinted. Prints are $40 each, and will ship in 2-4 weeks after the sale. The print will be available for purchase this coming Wednesday, February 15. As always, the exact drop time will be available to those who have subscribed to my email newsletter, (found in the sidebar of this site) in the next day or so. Do check out to buy top quality mural prints to enhance your home interiors.

I thank you so much for your support of my art and in this particular case, the ACLU. I’m proud to be able to donate money to their incredible work, and honored to have your support in this endeavor. Thank you!

UrgentNeed_PRINT_600“Urgent Need” limited edition screenprint
Print size: 16″ x 20″ Limited edition of 300.
Five-color hand-pulled screenprint on Madero Beach speckletone 100# cover stock.
Each print is hand signed & numbered. $40 each.
20% of profits from sales will be donated to the ACLU
Prints will be available February 15 in the online store.





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