Another year, another San Diego Comic Con, and it’s right around the corner.

Happy to be back at booth 4716 with my parter in crime Anthony Petrie, all the way over from New York. I’m looking forward to this year’s SDCC for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that it’s the end of several months of projects. I can see people, show what I’ve been working on, and then take it easy afterwards for awhile. Here’s hoping anyway! I’ll be bringing a couple special exclusives that I’m pretty excited about, so let’s just dive in and check ’em out.

*UPDATE: I’ll also be participating in a live art jam/silent auction again this year at Bar Basic on Thursday, July 20. I’ve participated in the last several years and I’m honored to be back again, painting alongside some amazing artists. No admission, it’s always a blast, come on by!

In addition to some small originals and prints, one of my two super-special SDCC exclusives is a select few (see: only SEVEN) hand-embellished versions of my recent Mondo-released, officially licensed “Alien” print variant. The original variant is a one color black on white stock screenprint, but I designed these in part with the intent to do some hand-colored versions. “Hand embellished” may be a bit of a misnomer, as the prints are each fully hand-painted over the original screenprint, and truly one-of-a-kind. A ton of work, but I’m thrilled with how they all turned out. I’ll only have seven, and there’s been lots of excitement, so if you’re interested, get there early. $250 each, ink, acrylics and varnish on one-color screenprint.

“ALIEN” Officially Licensed Screenprint Poster
(hand embellishment of limited variant edition)

Print size: 24″ x 36″ ONLY SEVEN AVAILABLE!
One color screenprint on paper.
Each print is hand signed & numbered. $250 each.

My next exclusive, well, you first should first know that I’m a huge Rick and Morty fan. If you’re not aware of the show, it’s a hilarious sci-fi cartoon on Adult Swim, but there’s really no good way to describe it. Go watch an episode or two online. If you’re not hooked right away, the show probably isn’t for you. It is definitely for me, and I often get several commissions during SDCC for R&M characters. So this time, to try and save my wrists during the convention, I’ve done a bunch in advance, which will be available for purchase, but with one caveat. You won’t know which one you’re getting. That’s right, the drawings will all be “blind-boxed” and sealed and paying the $75 lets you pick randomly for which one you’ll end up with. Adds an air of mystery to the event, as even I won’t know which one you end up with until you open them up. It’s an experiment, like everything else I do, but so far, the response has been pretty positive. We’ll find out at the con! Each drawing is 8″ x 10,” ink on paper and available for $75 each. 

Rick and Morty blind-boxed drawings (30 different).
Pen & ink on paper.
8″ x 10″ (2017) $75 each, available “blind-boxed”

All 30 drawings: for better views, swing by my Instagram page.

Each drawing is sealed in a “blind box” so even I don’t know which one you’ll be getting until you purchase and open it up!

I’ll try and get a couple more done before the end of the convention. It’s a mystery!

In addition to the han- embellished Alien prints, I’ll also have some recently sold-out prints available, including prints of “Mortal Coil” and my recent Primus gig poster.


“Mortal Coil” limited edition screenprint
Print size: 18″ x 24″
3 available out of the original limited edition of 80.

Four-color hand-pulled screenprint on Madero Beach speckletone 100# cover stock.
Each print is hand signed & numbered. $100 each.


“Mortal Coil” (variant colorway) limited edition screenprint
Print size: 18″ x 24″
2 available out of the original limited edition of 40.

Four-color hand-pulled screenprint on Madero Beach speckletone 100# cover stock.
Each print is hand signed & numbered. $150 each.

PRIMUS gig poster May 20, 2017 Grand Rapids, Michigan
Print size: 18″ x 24″
3 available out of the original limited edition of 250.
Seven-color screenprint on white 100# cougar cover.
Printed by InHouse Silkscreen.

Each print is hand signed & numbered. $100 each.

PRIMUS gig poster Foil Variant
Print size: 18″ x 24″
3 available out of the original limited edition of 20.

Six-color screenprint on rainbow foil.
Printed by InHouse Silkscreen.

Each print is hand signed & numbered. $200 each.

See you there!



A dream project, that I’m finally able to share.

I’m thrilled to announce my officially licensed “Alien” print now available through Mondo and 20th Century Fox. The good guys at Mondo reached out with a dream project for my first officially licensed movie poster. In the words of Mondo:

“H.R. Giger’s iconic design for the Xenomorph is just about perfect. It’s instantly identifiable, timeless and terrifying. N.C. Winters has paid wonderful tribute to Giger’s brilliant design in his poster for ALIEN. N.C.’s rendering and careful attention to detail across the Xeno design is stunning. This poster will be on sale as an extended timed edition release, available starting now and running through May 19th when ALIEN: COVENANT is released in theaters.”

The poster came together unbelievably well, and is one of the top pieces of work I’ve ever created. I had a strong intent to run with Giger’s original artistic design and tried to stay as true it as possible, and Mondo and Fox were both happy to support this vision. The main colorway is an open timed edition, and will end right at the release of ALIEN:COVENANT, but the variant edition is expected to sell out soon, so jump on it!  (ALREADY SOLD OUT!)

Without further delay, the print:

“ALIEN” Officially Licensed Screenprint Poster (regular open timed edition)
Print size: 24″ x 36″ timed edition print
Final edition size limited to number sold between April 19 and May 19, 2017

Six-colors on bright white stock. $50 each.
Regular edition available through Mondo Tees here.

“ALIEN” Officially Licensed Screenprint Poster (variant limited edition)
Print size: 24″ x 36″ limited edition of 175
One color on bright white stock. $60 each.
Sold out.

detail views.


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