I am Jack’s new art print…

by ncwinters on December 8, 2009

…available in limited quantity for your purchasing pleasure.

Prints of my painting “I am Jack’s Broken Heart” are available for purchase through Gallery 1988: LA. The giclee prints are on heavy fine art paper, hand signed and numbered in a limited edition of 35, available for $70.00 each.

Take advantage of their holiday sale through Dec. 23rd, and receive 10% off prints when purchased in-store at G1988 Los Angeles.  Or receive free domestic shipping on print orders over $125.00 via telephone or email. To order a print, please contact the Los Angeles location: (323) 937-7088 / Or visit in-store at 7020 Melrose Ave., LA, CA 90038.


Also while you’re in the shopping mood, feel free to browse my Etsy shop for holiday cards. There are a few sets left, all at a good price, especially for the southern California beach-loving crowd. Enjoy!



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Time for holiday cards…

by ncwinters on December 1, 2008

…time for Santa at the beach.

Yes, nothing I love better than celebrating the gorgeous weather we live in by sending a Christmas card with a warm beach scene. Every year I make a Christmas card with Santa Claus in an environment based on where we are currently living. Of course the time we spent in New York was depicted with Santa both on the subway and in a taxi cab, respectively. Last year proudly displayed Santa on a surf board checking the proverbial “Naughty” and “Nice” list while catching a wave. This year is even more chill with Santa relaxing at the beach with a frosty Corona in hand. Alcohol displayed proudly right there on our Holiday Card? You bet.

Now you too, can join in on the merriment and get your holiday purchase on. No one likes the traditional “warm seasonal wishes to you and yours” generic sentiment except maybe Grandma. And let’s give Grandma some credit. Even she would love a seasonal greeting that portrays warm beach weather for a change. Grandma has a sense of humor, who are you to argue? Well, now thanks to the magic of teh interwebs, you too can purchase a set of these fine cards through my Etsy page.

Ten (10) bucks gets you ten (10) cards, twelve (12) envelopes and you pay no (0) shipping. Want more? You got it! Get some holiday prints and a few one original piece of art through the same Etsy shopping page. Can’t get enough and demand more? Too bad, there isn’t any more. Get the cards, send them out and rub it in the faces of your loved ones that you live in a warm climate and they don’t. Get them today! Two different versions to choose from:

Surf's Up Santa

Surf's Up Santa

Santas Day at the Beach

Santa's Day at the Beach

Happy Holidays, hope everyone’s Thanksgiving was enjoyable.

N.C. Winters
(*voice of doom)


Did you know…

by ncwinters on November 25, 2008

…that N.C. has an Etsy shop?

Where he sells stuff? Stuff you can buy, instantly? And that he’ll ship around the world?

Oh, wait, I should back up. This is Ginger (the wife) again. I’ve stolen N.C’s blog again. (What? He’s working and I can’t always wait for him to get around to things.)

Anyway, N.C. does have an Etsy shop, with items under $50 for sale…prints, small original works, cards, the like. It’s a small shop, but we’re always adding things as he finishes work up.

You really should check it out–it’s perfect for the holidays (hint, hint). As a matter of fact, this little beauty might be perfect for those of you who still have to get out Christmas cards.

What, I’m just saying.