They used to call them Daily Drawings…

by ncwinters on November 20, 2008

…they being me.

In continuation with yesterday’s bit of motivation to keep my bloggerization a bit more regular, I’ve decided to try (the key word being try) to bring back some of the Daily Drawing. For those not in the know, I used to do a drawing every single day. Thus the name. My goal was at least a year and, true to form, I made it about three quarters of a year. Got too demanding, and I am a lazy person, so that kind of…ended.


With all of that excusery, I bring you back a new Daily Drawing, a few months late from the schedule. Note that each drawing you see will not necessarily be done in one day. I usually have many going from the desk of my contract job, and I do a bit of drawing every day, not necessarily a new, complete drawing. Unclear and wordy? You bet, but that’s how I blog. Enjoy.

*voice of doom*

daily drawing 11_19_08

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