Unwritten Number Twenty-Six…

by ncwinters on April 9, 2011

…even though I end up writing a lot about it!

This “drawing” ended up being a lot of fun. That was the original goal, and it’s great when it actually happens.

Number 26 of 100 Drawings was another culled from the stack of abandonment, reworked, experimented with and in general, let loose upon. There’s something here that I’m enjoying and that’s really working in my art head. It may not come across, I’ll have to go back and scour the drawings I’ve felt this way about (using the blog in a useful way!) and analyze the common theme, but I think it’s the beginning of a move away from pure renderness.

So much of the work I’ve done has come to establish me as a drawer that renders the ever loving shit out of a painting. I like it, it’s fun, but it gets to a point when it becomes tedious. I like to say the first half of a drawing or painting is fun, the second half is work. Every brushstroke and mark builds up and leads to a series of fewer choices down the road. You make artistic decisions and then are forced to deal with them later. For me, the trick is to make that final work still remain fun. Too many paintings end with me frustrated and defeated.

Perhaps it’s the perfectionist in me. I’ve heard critics say “that’s good enough” and “no one is gonna notice that much detail” and it annoys me. *I* know how much detail is required, because that’s what makes it *my* work and not someone elses. However, there is a kernel of truth where you have to maintain a balance and finish the work in a timely manner. Someday when there’s more time, when the kid is older, when responsibilities and priorities afford more time to just take forever on every painting, I can slave meticulously for years on something.

While that point is not here yet, my original point (is there one even?) is that I’m enjoying finding ways to break up that monotony and experiment with looser, more gestural and abstract painting methods blended in with some of the renderness. Man, have I been rambling away.

All of this could probably be said easier by just saying “I’m having fun with splatterely brushiness.” Enjoy.

Ink, watercolor, marker, and acrylic on paper. 7.75″ x 10.75″ (2011)
Number 26 of 100 Drawings.
Purchase availability here.


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