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by ncwinters on April 24, 2012

Hey gang, in all the grind, I realize I’ve been lax in my promotion. So check this out.

I’ll be in two shows next weekend at Gallery 1988- The first is a super secret show sponsored by Disney and Marvel for the upcoming Avengers movie release, with a surprise twist on the location. I’m super thrilled to be included in this show, and have pulled out all the stops for my piece, including a custom floating frame, collage elements, and even some sculptural elements. Wish I could show you some sneak peeks, but we’ve been put under strict wraps for the show. More soon, full details are in this here flyer:

The second show is a tribute to Memes, also at Gallery 1988. This is a collection of art from various artists all taking their cue from various internet memes. You could consider a meme an in-joke on the web. Various imagery, clips, sayings and general snark are all encompassed by the “meme” genre, which isn’t really a genre at all. There’s a better explanation for “meme” here. A warning though: For those not familiar with memes, this show isn’t gonna make too much sense at all. For a better bit of context, you could easily spend hours at Know Your Meme. You’ve been warned, it’s an addiciting time-suck. Here’s the full details on the show:


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