Painting and Podcast.

by ncwinters on November 4, 2019

Been a bit since any updates, been mostly head down working away nonstop.

Recently I had the honor of being included in the Dark Art Society group show, put on by phenomenal artist and industry legend Chet Zar, at Copro Nason Gallery. It was the first inaugural group show of the Dark Art Society collective, with each artist contributing a new piece in the open ended vein of “dark art.” The show was incredible, one of the first gallery shows (or any other public events for that matter) I’ve attended in quite awhile, and it was wonderful to catch up with old friends and meet new faces alike.

My painting “Wellspring” was a return to what feels like something I haven’t done in years: sit down and put ink and acrylic on paper to make a full, finished piece for a show. Was a little rusty to warm up and then it just started to flow at some point once I found my rhythm. I’ve been treating my paintings and drawings a little more like objects rather than the usual rectangles they’ve always been, and I’m finding more and more enjoyment in irregular edges, and other-than usual traditional ratios, sizes, shapes, etc. Think found driftwood versus a pristine tablet. Gary at Copro Nason had the final piece framed in this super cool metallic frame, float mounted with a purple velvet background. Happy with how it turned out. To catch all the works of the show, swing by the gallery during their regular hours or check out the works online here.

In addition to the Dark Art Society group art show, Chet and I sat down for a long two and a half hour conversation on the Dark Art Society podcast. It was a one on one conversation late at night where we talked about my origins, art, art making, business and a variety of other subjects. I’m still pretty cringe-worthy hearing my own voice, but slowly getting used to it as I listen back to the podcast. I think it’s something I want to do more of, and this was a good session to explore this medium hopefully more for the future. You can listen to the podcast here.

Thanks as always for all the support. I have a couple new posters dropping in the near future, stay tuned for more info on that front. Getting some prep done for DesignerCon in November (Nov. 22–24) for some new exclusives and rarities, hand embellished prints and the like. More on that front soon as well. Thanks, and be well!

Pen/ink, ink wash, and acrylic on paper, varnished. Framed.
Original drawing: 10″ x 11.5″ (2019)
This painting is sold.


detail views.




Moleskine Project VII

by ncwinters on August 3, 2018

The Moleskine Project is back!

I’m honored to be included in this year’s lineup for Moleskine Project VII at Spoke Art Gallery in NYC. The annual show features several artists each creating a unique image via the medium of the classic Moleskine sketchbook. It’s always a delight to see all the different interpretations of how each artist tackles this challenge, both in content and in medium. You’d think the most obvious solution would be pencil or pen on paper, but artists used a variety of methods from acrylics, gouache and  watercolor, to oils, spray paint, and even cutting and manipulation of the pages themselves.

I went with a very straightforward approach and just filled the spread with as much ink drawing as my cramped hands would let me. And then I added just a little more. It was a joy to hear that the piece sold before the show’s opening. I’m super happy with how it turned out, as well as the caliber of art delivered for the show by all the artists. As usual, Rod Luff and Ken Hashimoto know how to curate an incredible group of artists, and I’m honored to be showing with them.

The show opens tomorrow, July 4 at Spoke Art in NYC. I wish I could be in attendance, but I will be stuck on the west coast. If you’re in the New York metro area, don’t miss out on the show! And here is my contribution: “Behold.”

Pen and ink in Moleskine sketchbook.
8″ x 10″ (spread size) (2018) $1300. SOLD.
Part of the Moleskine Project VII at Spoke Art

detail views.


New Painting “Thicket” for Trekell Group Show.

by ncwinters on October 28, 2017

Honored to be included in a new group show!

Tomorrow night, group show “Fruition” opens tonight at Artist’s Republic Gallery in Anaheim. I’m happy to be showing along a cadre of phenomenal artists with a brand new painting on panel, provided by sponsors of the show (and good people all around) Trekell Art Supply. I’ve been grinding away for months on various screenprints, and it was fun to get my hands back into the paint. The show opens at 6PM and goes until 9PM, and though unfortunately I won’t be able to attend, it should be a great time. Enjoy!

Pen/ink, ink wash & acrylic on wood panel, framed.
14″ x 14″ (2017)