New Original Art: “Factory Fresh,” Day 28 of 366 Days of Winters.

by ncwinters on January 28, 2016

Pieces get started, pieces get finished.

This is the flow I’m striving for this year. In my heart, I know it’s fleeting, as the deadlines for other “real” projects and commitments start to rear their ugly, promising heads. It’s all about a balance of taking on the right projects, but there is a concerted effort this year to really put some heavy time into maintaining this flow as long as I possibly fucking can. When it’s gone, I’m a miserable person, and everyone close to me can tell. Let’s see if it can continue, and hopefully as long as possible…

Enjoy “Factory Fresh.”


“Factory Fresh”
Pen/ink, ink wash and acrylic on paper, varnished.
5.5″ x 7″ (2016)
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