Drawing number four…

by ncwinters on October 27, 2010

…only 96 to go!

So it seems like I just keep adding more projects to work on every week, making my already stretched too thin time that much more skint. A little late, here’s the fourth drawing out of my goal of 100. My plan originally was a couple a week, but now it looks like I should just shoot for one a week. Let’s hear it for lowered expectations! I’d rather keep it to one a week rather than drop the quality, but we’ll see how much time I end up having. As usual, swing by the store for purchase info.

Ink, watercolor and acrylic on heavy watercolor paper. 10.25″ x 7″ (2010)
Number 4 of 100 Drawings.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t swung over to NoodleKnobs yet, swing on over. We’re starting to get into a rhythym with our new alt-parenting site that hopefully offers more than the average “my baby is great, ain’t parenting wonderful?” Mommy and Daddy blog. Enjoy!


A brand new website about the joys of parenting!

by ncwinters on October 15, 2010

…kinda, but not exactly.

Ginger and I have been toiling away over the last few months on a secret new project. We’ve created a new website to document the new parental zaniness we find ourselves entrenched in. After seeing so many other parenting sites that didn’t relate to our family dynamic in any way whatsoever, we took it upon ourselves to create a representation of our experiences, with the hope that there are a few more of you out there with a parental world a little closer to ours.

It will very rarely be serious, and will mostly focus on the silliness, insanity and in general: “absurdity of parenting” (it’s the tagline). It will focus on The Momma, The Daddy, and The NoodleKnob, as his nickname has strangely developed into over time. It will feature comics, articles, observations, rants and lots of talk of poop. Our goal is to update regularly, at least weekly with some new content for both parents and non-parents alike. But mostly parents. We toyed with the idea of a parenting website “for the rest of us” but we both really feel there are plenty of “us” out there, just maybe a little too shy about talking about it out loud.

This is in *NO* way a “how-to” or “advice” website. We are trying to really document our struggles, the fun and the insanity of the whole parenting role. We’ll make mistakes and I’m sure we’ll probably offend a few people along the way. This is a slice of our life as parents, with a good dose of silliness, madness and exaggeration thrown in for good measure. We hope it’s something you can come back to, as a newer parent, a seasoned veteran or a married couple thinking of taking the plunge. Again, not as a place to come for assistance, but more as a place to come and say “Holy shit, our kid does the exact same weird-ass thing! Whew, he’s not an alien!” or something like that. We hope you enjoy our stories. We hope you enjoy: